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Her Thoughts

We planned your trip to Johannesburg for weeks…we had daily conversations, video calls and hundreds of pics exchanged and we couldn’t wait to see each other, touch each other and make love to each other again…

This time it was 6 weeks…6 weeks too long since I last felt your body on my body, You picked me up from my place. after an intense, passionate few slow kisses, I could already feel the wetness between my legs and the stiffness in your pants…

We decided to go past my friend Liz’s place to introduce her to who I told her was the love of my life. Not only did I have the amazing admiration and love for you, but the lust for you was indescribable…

We hung around chatting for a while…had an ice-cold G&T and then wanted to leave for the EcoThaba Hotel that you had booked for us… Without your knowledge though, I had discussed and arranged with Liz to ‘use’ her ‘playroom ‘…

It was a room upstairs with a milking bed and a sex swing, which I desperately wanted to try out with you… I took you by the hand and led you upstairs, we closed the door and starting kissing passionately

We couldn’t keep our hands off each other as we started undressing each other, I wanted you so badly, but I wanted to play and tease you on the milking bed first, you were now naked and I asked you to go lie on the milking bed

Positioning your cock exactly where the hole in the bed was, I went down underneath the milking bed and gently started stroking your cock, already hard from all the excitement of just being in each other’s presence

I loved sucking your cock, besides your cock inside of me, it’s where your cock belonged… my mouth… With my lips wrapped around your hard luscious cock, it didn’t take long for you to almost cum

I had to stop a few times as I didn’t want you to cum just yet. I asked you to turn around and got on top of you, rubbing oil all over your sexy athletic body, I was so aroused, my clit so swollen

I was rubbing your body with my body… my nipples so hard… I slid your rock hard cock inside of my dripping wet pussy, we were both almost breathless when I thrust your cock all the way into me

That felt sooo good… fuck…. I slowly started riding your cock… our bodies so oiled up… wet, sticky wild sex as I picked up the pace of riding your cock hard and viciously

We were both grinding and moaning getting wilder and more out of control, almost animalistic, there was no better feeling in the world than feeling your warm cum exploding deep inside of me

As you grabbed my hips tightly with every drop of your cum released in me But I wasn’t done yet

after giving you a moment to breathe, we moved over to the sex swing. You positioned me on it, my legs spread widely, my hands holding onto a steel pipe above my head. you wanted me to cum just as hard as you had

You went down between my legs and gently parted my very swollen pussy lips, your tongue flicking over my clit then licking my pussy vigorously, I was losing all inhibitions and wanted to fuck you so badly

but you kept on eating my pussy, entering 2 fingers inside of me, while still feeling the warmth of your tongue sliding over my clit, You wanted me to cum all over your face, you went faster, deeper, getting louder and louder

I could feel it building up, I just couldn’t resist anymore…and squirted all over your face, your shoulders…dripping down my legs, I was so numb, but oh my gosh, that was so amazing….!!!

You stood up and I grabbed you behind your neck kissing you, still wanting you, I’ve always wanted you, more and more each time

The best experiences were shared with you… My body aches for your touch…

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How To Love It & Hate It

In everything you do, always use your full spectrum of emotions: both love and hate

Always allow for mistakes and taking chances

Be so easy to work with that everyone wants to work with you


Quick question, where’s your ex’s? How is he or she doing? Are they happy?

Okay, let’s go back a little, you had a best friend when you were young, in primary school, high school, what happened to that person? Where are they now?

You remember thinking that you could never live without them that you would always be there for each other, that you will always be committed to one another, what happened to all of that?

Now how many “reasons” popped up the second you ask yourself any of the above questions?

It’s so hard to admit that you might have been wrong, that you might have made a mistake, that you might have been the cause of the separation, isn’t it?!

so much so that if you did, the knowledge causes such a deep discomfort that you feel the overwhelming urge to write that wrong, to change the past, to correct

Let’s look at this from another angle

Had you not had your heartbroken, would you still have had sympathy/empathy for those you hurt?!

Had you never gotten sick, would your body know how to handle all the bacteria, and viruses that infect your system daily, hourly?

Had you never went through a bad, and toxic relationship, would you even know how one looks like?

The cow that gets fattened before slaughter is convinced that the owners love it, right until the moment its spine is severed with an axe

The extremely harmful things are what spur you forward

Pain plus reflection equals progress

Ray Dalio

There are so many things on this earth that mean absolutely nothing to you because they do not and have never affected you directly, death, disease, poverty, betrayal, theft, etc.

To live a simple life is either to know everything and be at peace with the natural randomness of life


It is to be completely oblivious to just how chaotic this life can be, yet still walk around as if the entire social establishment crumbled you’d still be able to eat, protect, clothe and shelter yourself

And if we were completely honest with ourselves, most of us don’t even know how to make a fire without matches

So if society fell, how would you make a fire to cook, keep warm, how would you make weapons, how would you find clean water?

One male elk could provide you with meat for an entire year, if you could create a solar panel you’d never have to worry about electricity ever again

If you had a deep understanding of herbs, fruits and vegetables you could heal every single infection and disease under the sun

One book of architecture could teach you how to build a shelter with natural materials

You live your entire life with the faith that the established society will take care of you but in doing so, you’re being ignorant of the fact that outside of this society, you have no practical skills for the environment outside, the natural world, where you live

Know how to make weapons, can you even defend yourself in a street fight?

Take a moment

You spend your twenties and thirties taking your childhood out on people, not even realizing and while walking around thinking you’re the victim

Bill Burr

Most of us don’t have inner peace, we are not satisfied with ourselves, we are not innately happy or motivated to think, create, invent, and much of our childhood has buried all of these things out of us

where a child is happy just being, you’ve come to think that you need the big house, the cars, the fancy vacations, the extremely expensive clothes, furniture, the accolades that you don’t care about

Because those have become your narcotic, could you switch it all off and be with just yourself for 24 hours? 3 days?

No electricity, no entertainment, no distractions, no company, just food, clothes, shelter, and you

Could you learn to be happy with just yourself?

Because what no one ever tells you is that unless you are happy with yourself when you’re by yourself, you’ll never be happy regardless of what you acquire in this life, even if the world where to love and celebrate you daily

Like every drug that’s ever existed, every acquisition will give a quick high only to fade and have you chasing the next high, the next fix

Strange how much of what we are chasing is what we lost in childhood

And nearly none of it is external

Nature and Evolution

When I get out of here, I gotta go stretch out for 2 and half hours, I hate that shit, but it calluses my mind

David Goggins, World Record Holder for Most Pull-ups in 24 hours

People think I love the cold, I fucken hate that shit, but the cold is my teacher

Wim Hof, 6 world records holder

Every single person who has ever achieved anything great has a love/hate relationship with that thing

Like how the people who hate on you love hating on you and if it weren’t you, they would be hating on someone else

Like how the people who love you sometimes hate to love because there’s so much about you that they’d love to change, shit that drives them crazy but they stick with you because the shit they hate is part of the person they love

It is this duality that produces the greatest and most horrific outcomes, it is a great and capricious power

When seeking to learn, grow, become better, greater, and reach the pinnacle, it is not always the happy, positive, beautiful thoughts that will get you the goal

Few people will ever admit that having a chip on your shoulder, feeling entitled to that title, needing to not just be the best but to be the greatest of all time is one of the greatest motives you can have in your journey

Because it will push you way past pain, sacrifice, loss, failure, mistakes, it is the spark that will create obsession in you

Which is what you need to become that which you desire, even if it is to be the best parent your child could ever have

That darkness, that anger, that entitlement, will drive you to work, learn and hustle beyond what anyone would think is humanly possible

As long as you spend less than 20% of your time in that headspace because it is a consuming energy, a very heavy one

It is like fire, or a great dam, if it is not respected, controlled, and used with the utmost caution, it will turn into an inferno, a raging flood, and destroy everything around you, consuming you last

Learn to use your love as well as your hate, they exist within you for a reason

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How To Be A Loser

When you become complacent, comfortable, used to what you have, and begin to seek more, begin first by taking away what you have become used to, for 2-3 months

long past the point of missing it, long past the point of craving and regretting losing it, take it away and learn to be without it, so much so that you begin to know yourself without it and forget who you were with it

Electricity, technology, communication, company, takeaways, all of these things, then once you have become accustomed to being without it, reintroduce it

Then see what it means to you to have it?!

This is what happens to you when you take those around you for granted, then you lose them, unfortunately, sometimes you don’t get them back

Learn to lose

Some victories cost you far more than the loss ever would have

You are many things: father, mother, brother, employer, employee, son, advisor, idiot, friend, lover, enemy, etc.

All of these are victories, achievements, hats you aware of to show what you have accomplished in your life

All these things are a part of you but they are not you, you are potential, you are infinite potential, eliminate any of these things and it changes how you are but it does not change you

Unless you have made it who you are

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Strolling in the dark

It’s this time of the year again, I turned 18 a week ago and now it is Christmas eve we are still holding hands not speaking a word except for the hint of a smile from the corner of Zinhle’s mouth.

Every year my dad would invite his work colleges over for a Christmas Eve supper, I had to play barman and pour drinks for all his friends and their wives and when they left I had to clean up before going to bed.

But today his one friend’s wife brought her younger sister, her name is zintle two years older than me 5, 4 ft. with short blond hair and a beautiful body, wearing a tight white top and even tighter denim with white sneakers, she was extremely shy but when our eyes met I could see hers light up.

I took the opportunity to show her our farm so we started walking, chatting about school and university, what we wanted to become, I felt at ease talking to her so much so that I lost track of time and it started to get late

 I showed her the horses and the cattle, we must have been walking for about two hours, I showed her the feed store where we keep all the bales of hay and the bags of animal feed, we were tired so I moved one of the bales over so we could sit.

zintle leaned back on the hay, the last glimmer of sunlight shining through the cracks in the wall lighting her bright green eyes it was as if the world stood still, no sounds could be heard.

She leaned forward our lips met, her lips were so soft I felt my knees go weak but it froze me stiff I didn’t know what to do or say the only sound coming from my mouth sounded similar to a dry door hinge being moved

it was my first kiss and she knew it, she silenced me putting her finger on my lips as she leaned back again with her other hand she found the string holding the bale together, she pushed her hand in underneath the string twisting it slightly it almost looked like her hand was bound.

She pulled her finger from my lips putting it on her own I could see her tongue touching her finger’s tip.

She dragged her finger over her now wet lip down her chin over her long neck following her windpipe down to her perfect boobs a small b cup, I could just watch my heart racing so hard that I could hear it.

She ran her finger down over the ribbing of her tight top dragging the edge with, down between her boobs I could see her white bra showing just as the ribbing sprang back, she kept pulling it down between her tits nipples showing.

She broke the silence with a faint whisper “do you like it?”

I tried controlling my hands, with her free hand she grabbed my one hand pulling it to her denim button, I fondled it a bit and it shot loose, I pulled her zip down,

she had on a pair of light blue panties with a small pink heart right over this mound. I couldn’t help myself I had to kiss her stomach right on the panty line. I could feel her back arch pushing herself into me,

her free hand had found its way in under another string spraying herself open to me, I pushed my mouth hard up against her pussy kissing it through her panties, my hands playing with her soft tits, I wanted her so bad.

The animal in me took over; I pulled her denim down over her knees dragging her panty off with it, I pushed her legs open, her pussy was bare and smooth, I needed to taste her sweet juice, I started kissing her open legs licking and kissing as a man possessed.

I couldn’t help myself, I pulled up her top over her head but not off totally she didn’t move her hands at all still bound under the strings of the bale.

I started fingering, she wanted more and harder, I pushed in two fingers she was tight and wet, I had to fuck her now I just had to, I pulled down my denim the belt stood no chance,

Her white bra was the only problem I haven’t encountered that damn shitty clips I ended up pushing her bra up over her tits, beautiful small nipples standing up waiting to be sucked on and I did, she moaned harder, harder, my dick was throbbing my denim had no room for it to push.

she asked me if I had a condom but I didn’t have one not on me anyway. My thought was that she will yell stop right now but all she said was it ok get it in. Although she was dripping wet I still battled to get my dick in

it hurt a bit but the pain just made me push harder she let out a soft scream, I thrust again and again she followed each stroke with a soft scream, I was so turned on at that point that I prematurely came right inside her but I didn’t want to stop,

I lifted my body a bit higher almost using my dick as a lifting pole, I must have found her g-spot she just went mad she started taking control of our movement making it faster and faster.

With a hard scream she stopped and started giggling, this was my first time so I didn’t know why she giggled, but I could see the total satisfaction on her face, I pulled my dick out but It felt like a vacuum pulling it back

the back of my dick was covered in cum so was her pussy. We took a moment to gather ourselves; we dressed in silence and shared a hug holding one another as we walked home again back to the party back to sanity.

zintle had to hide the marks on her wrists from the string but luckily she brought a warm top.

We shared a few strolls after that night.

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You’re F@#ked, That’s Good

We, humans, are inherently flawed

And though for centuries, we have desired to be from being above the earth, from another dimension where everything is perfect and flawless, a huge part of us recognizes that for the most part, we are animals

Observe babies, children, they are the purest humans out here, they are selfish, creative, determined, simple in their desires and what satisfies them, destructive and obsessive

they are who we are, we just learn to hide our motives, suppress our creativity to not stand out, disguise our selfishness, and accept that to be satisfied by something simple means you are simple and thus, not as valuable as someone more complex

the forebrain is very creative, very logical, and very objective but it has little power and control over what you do, and pit against your emotions, your reptilian brain, and mammalian brain, it loses 9 times out of 10, unless it is trained

which most of our brains aren’t, more than learning the tools to deal with math, physics, social situations, technology, and finances, we needed tools to deal with ourselves, our fears, our anger, our sadness, pain, loneliness, greed, and desires

Because more than illiteracy, it is the inability to deal with who we are inside that causes much of the destruction in our lives

It is what makes us speak when we should listen, fight when we should yield, and defend when we should be accepting

We react to our internal interpretations of what the external world is presenting us with, which much of the time is the wrong interpretation

We all know that when someone corrects you, whether they do it in a mean spirit or a kind one if the information is accurate, it will aid in your growth and advancement

much of our daily lives conspire to give us no time to ourselves, from our friends, lovers, choices of entertainment, kids, jobs, and ambitions, all of which selfishly dueling for your time and attention, never allowing you a moment of rest or peace, giving you not even a second to reflect and consider

But the instinct is to defend against it because it is perceived as a threat and not as a gift, the fear, the inability to deal with it effectively is what leads to the overt reaction and thus turns an enemy out of an ally, turning a gift into the first attack of a disagreement

See what I am eluding to?

Because the fear in all of them: your family, friends, etc. is that if you took a moment to properly reflect and consider all that is before you, they may not get what they want from you

To notice the discrepancy between what you say you want and what makes you happy requires time, calm, uninterrupted time from everything

Retreats, meditation, hiking, running, all of these give you a taste but not a full meal of what you receive when you spend time with the person you’re always with: you

Much of your animalistic tendencies (attach link) appear as a reaction to your forebrain not being attended to or heard, just like cancer is an overgrowth of healthy cells, or infection is bacteria that is normally just sitting on your skin now seeping into an open, unattended wound

Have you ever taken a moment to ask yourself where most of your fears come from? If they’re even yours? Your beliefs?

As human beings, we are natural seekers, but we are taught beliefs and fears to tie us to our tribes, families, and communities

Because seeking naturally takes you into the wild, into the unknown, which is how we created this world we now live in, by allowing seekers to go seek, learn and return with what they have learned

Yes, some will get hurt, some will die, some will not return, but how is that different from the ones in our beliefs?  How many things do you sacrifice for your beliefs, to appease your fears?

Think for a moment, and don’t stop until you conclude your thoughts, your feelings, learn to just be with you

The God

Always strive for the ideal, and not in the abstract, not in some other lifetime or afterlife but in this life, with everything you do

But always make sure it is your idea, your version of perfect, not your priests, your “god’s” your children’s or even your spouses, it must be completely yours

Because you were born alone and no matter how many thousands of relationships you create or children you have, you will face that darkness of death alone

And when that time comes, the only thing that will flash before you is your life and how you feel about every moment you lived

Not what anyone else thought or felt about it, the regrets, the memories, the happy and sad moments, the losses and achievements, the mistakes and perfections

All will be based on what you think is good

You are selfish, but never forget to allow your selfishness to be intelligent, no matter how much money, influence, resources, titles, and accolades you acquire in this life, they can never watch your back as another person can

So always be kind to the people around you, not for them but you, because it is only if they feel that you have their best interests at heart that they will consider you a valuable person to keep around and thus protect you by watching your back

Unfortunately, this is not something you can successfully fake for long because lying, pretending, and faking accumulates and it is difficult to convince people otherwise once that becomes your reputation

Take it from a recovered liar

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Accessing The Puzzle

If you’ve reached this age, then you’ve tasted disillusionment

You’ve felt the disappointment of religion, guru’s, arts, sciences, leaders, friends, lovers, philosophies, ideologies, doctrines, and anything else in this life that offers absolute and endless happiness

This is because none of them have the entire path, and due to the desire for fame, fortune, acknowledgment, fear. Etc they will not be honest with you and tell you how much they don’t know

It’s more accurate to say that all of them are partly wrong, and partly right

This is to say that each of them has a piece of the puzzle for reaching the destination you long for

Imagine your journey like the amazing race, you reach a certain point, complete a challenge and get a clue on how to get to the next milestone:

Christians, Satanists, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, capitalists, socialists, fascists, racists, sexists, the list goes on forever, none of these people are completely wrong or completely right

A sexist would tell you that women are different from men, if he says that women are superior, they call him feminist, if he says men are superior, they call him sexist, and if you listen carefully, you realize that both statements circumstantially are correct

The average male is physically larger than the average woman, and due to societal factors, he is likely to grow up in the mechanics of things e.g. Technician, engineer, manual labor jobs, etc.

The same can be said for women, the average woman is physically smaller than the average man, and due to societal factors, she is likely to be far superior in psychology, has higher EQ and SQ (emotional and social intelligence), and thus be able to achieve much more using far less physical effort

Notice the difference?! Notice how both are inferior and superior based on the circumstances and situations

These are the pieces of the puzzle that begin getting you out of the thinking patterns of camps, flags, movements, doctrines, good/bad, my group vs. your group

You begin to listen for what is accurate and not what you want or believe is right

Originally the word “Satan” meant the opposer, it was not any single anthropomorphic entity, it was a term that was used to designate anything and anyone that opposed the Christian doctrine

If you’re feeling uncomfortable, a little disturbed, fringing on an emotional reaction, then you’ve reached the edge of you comfort zone and must now decide whether you will listen to what is accurate to better your life and the life of those around you

Or whether you’re going to continue suffering for a fabricated war just to keep aligning the pockets and egos of those who truly benefit from these wars

No matter what you think, or what you believe, or what others are telling you is correct

Understand that you only have one piece of the puzzle, and your “enemies” have another, and you cannot steal that piece from them, it can only be given to you

And you can only receive it through humility, curiosity, and open-mindedness

This is how you become wiser, smarter, happier, and better at experiencing this thing we call Life


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Yearning Flavour (Part 2)

We started getting dressed half panicked, half feeling like school kids though we both knew just how fucked our lives were if someone caught us

A few seconds elevator door binged open the Op’s manager’s personal assistant walked out, we were barely half-dressed when she slammed into the offices, we stayed silent trying to not be heard

We heard doors open and close, then silence, after a few minutes we knew she was gone, Millicent (the woman I was with) walked out f my office doors still fixing herself up, and immediately locked eyes with the assistant

“uhmm Hi” I heard over the sound of footsteps

My heart sank as my mind started racing about what I was gonna say to my wife, to the boss, to my colleagues, I felt every drop of the blood drain from my face as my heart pounded so loud I could barely hear myself panic

After what felt like forever I bugged up the balls to walk out, she locked eyes with me as well, looked down with this “you’re so caught” sly smile

I greeted her without looking back at her and left

In the parking lot, I found Millicent waiting by my car, I already knew what this conversation was gonna be

As I was walking to my car she suddenly turned and walked to her car, got in, and drove away without so much as glancing at me

Now I knew my life was fucked, I went to the team building, Millicent wasn’t there, a colleague told me she had a family emergency

A day passed, then a week, then a month, and nothing

Not from Millicent or Grace, the Op’s manager’s assistant

I felt like I had murdered someone and was just waiting for the entire house of cards to come crumbling down and take my whole life with it

Then one Wednesday morning I got a sticky note attached to my desk written “you are urgently requested in the Op’s Manager’s Office”

My heart fell to my ankles, I went up, shakily putting one foot in front of the other, the Manager ran a tight shit and wasn’t above firing me and branding me unhirable by any company in the entire industry

But I deserved this, the fuck was I thinking doing this, with a colleague, at the office, during the day no less

I finally got up to the floor, walked out of the elevator, walked past the assistant’s desk with this boiling anger inside me and into an empty manager’s office

The assistant walked in behind me, closed the door, and locked it

“Is that how you treat the woman holding the secret that could change your whole life?”

I felt my stomach drop and my heart clench, I knew this was coming but to be honest, a really deep part of me wished it would just pass

I turned around, she walked dominantly towards the boss’s table

Very neatly moved the laptop and papers, then sat with her legs crossed

“please… come closer, I’d hate for anyone to hear us speaking so loud”

My heart throbbed as I walked just to the edge of her personal space

“Please kneel,” she said in a low, almost kind voice

Feeling slightly angry at how I had gotten myself into this situation

Biting the edge of her bottom lip she said “gently part my legs”

I crawled closer, with shaky hands I placed my palms on her knees and gently guided them open to such a deeply intoxicating scent that my lips parted slightly, betraying my composure

My eyes met baby blue silk panties so drenched the shape of her pussy lips traced themselves out

Before I realized it I had been staring for well over a minute before I looked up with a mixed look of shock and yearning and she could taste the hunger in me

As I could see face weakening, craving in her eyes, and this deep need to be licked, sucked, and eaten like chocolate cream velvet cake with bubblegum syrup in the center

“please” she moaned trying to calm her quickening breathe

Like a snake, my head smoothly slide between her legs as the tip of my tongue touched her throbbing clit over her panties, I felt such a violent inhale as her legs wrapped around my head with her hands pressing my tongue in

I felt my tongue dig into her pushing the silk in with it, I started eating her out like she was the last meal on earth, digging my fingers into her thighs as I partly struggled to breathe, needing to make her come so bad that she’d know who’s in control

I felt the panties shift to the center with each lip to its respective side, I grabbed the top of it and gently tugged, rubbing the clit as my tongue maneuvered past the fabric and into her

Panting, grinding, riding every inch of my face, I could feel her shiver in between tugged until she screamed silently turning the table into a wetland

She clinched, let out a few spasms, and finally relaxed her grip letting me out for air, my chin dripping like I was drinking from a fire hydrant

She stared at me, almost admiringly, forcing deep breathes to regain her composure

She got up off the table, grabbed a few paper towels, placed them on the table, enough to absorb the moisture, she fixed herself up, took her panties off tossed them to me “so you can hold on to those”

Then went towards the door “don’t you have work to do?” she said without turning around as she was heading out the door

My mind was racing with questions when my phone buzzed

“I’m sorry I’ve been so off, I just got scared, what I felt between us was like nothing I’ve ever felt before, I just don’t want to lose my family, I hope we’re still okay” the text read, and I knew who it was from

To be Continued…

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True Evil

In ancient times it was believed that something evil was good that had turned on itself out of not being fulfilled

Water that does not flow, grows algae, fungi and eventually poisons the person who drinks it while becoming so deep that it hides predators

Unrequited love turns into obsession, hate, and possession

An unsatisfied hunger turns into obesity, diabetes, and cardiac issues

Notice the pattern?!

Throughout history, mythology, and legend, the story carries that evil came from good

An evil that grows the more it is unattended to, cared for, or acknowledged

We need to find the disease so we can cure it

Jin Sakai

A disease does not need to be cured, just cared for

A Monk

It is rare, but some of us can admit our evils when we’re mean instead of being honest when we’re vicious instead of defending ourselves when we don’t speak vulnerably because we don’t want to seem weak

When you lied because you just didn’t want to have that fight

Let he, without sin, throw the first stone

Jesus, Christian Bible

It’s so easy to attack, judge, and condemn when your faults are in the shadows, it is us with the darkest, and dirtiest secrets that hand out the harshest sentences

Because we don’t want our leniency to cast a light on us

Any evil is like a wound, you may go out to the world, live, gather, pro-create, hunt, and battle with it hidden

But does it not cause a limp, a stumble, a stutter, a skip?

Does it not plague your mind in your daily life and slip out in casual conversation?

Does it not get passed down to your children, your friends, relationships, either as overcompensation or as a direct result?

Do you not find yourself becoming uncontrollably, and irrationally irritable, and aggressive on certain matters when you hear certain trigger words, like rape, abuse, cancer, death?!

So much so that you’d send an innocent person to the mob, guillotine, or electric chair just for being associated with the crime?

All of this just because you have undealt with issues regarding the matter

Ask Yourself

-what you would do to a person if your baby girl accused them of rape?

Now ask yourself what you would do if someone accused your baby of raping?

Notice how none of your reactions had to do with any evidence being presented to whether either accusation was true or false?

Objectivity does not come naturally to us humans, nearly none of our ancestors fucked with objectivity or dealing with things as they were and not how we felt them they were

In fact, none of our senses represent the world in its entirety, so even based on the information we received to make what we call reality, we are fucked, short-strewed

But it is the one thing that has put us on top of the food chain, it is the one thing that has made us gods in the ability to alter the earth, genetics, and travel to outer space

The ability to look at something and seek to do nothing else but see it as it is and not how it seems

Food, medicine, atoms, photons, structure, obstacles, the list is endless

And except for a certain section of society

The rest of us seek to see evil as a separate entity from us

we don’t see our meat get killed, nor do we have to kill our murderers, our politicians don’t have to see firsthand what happens when they shut down a school, hospital, or police station because they don’t live in those communities, their kids don’t go to those schools and they don’t go to those hospitals

Similarly, if you’re lying to someone you neither care about nor are ever going to see again, you rightfully feel no guilt, no shame

When you betray someone who does not affect your life, it is no different from telling an employee shit just to vent your frustration because they didn’t give you a stick with your cappuccino to stir with

it’s easy to do that because you don’t have to deal with the 40 other customers they have to deal with the rest of that day, their spouse who now has to hear about how terrible their day was for 3 hours or the kids who (if they are lucky) get ignored by mommy/daddy because he/she had a bad day or getting screamed at and emotionally scared

All because you had a bad day and rather than taking few minutes to breathe, relax, process and calm down, decided to vent on an unsuspecting employee

you’re hurt, you’re offended, you’re wronged, these feelings are good because they mean that you are still human and can feel pain when one of the members of your tribe does you wrong

But not expressing those hurts to the person who caused them and in a way that imparts understanding and prevents the matter from happening is what creates the evil

Give it a minute and think

How many broken homes have you caused because you just had to tell an employee shit, because you felt you had to be treated like a god for bringing money that you worked for to their establishment?!

This is our evil: our unspoken pain, unlived dreams, unheard fears and worries, our unrequited emotions, they turn an otherwise kind, beautiful, and caring person into a vindictive and truly evil person

Find your outlet, meditation, yoga, tai chi, running, writing, playing an instrument, whatever it may be, always make sure it is close and ready to relieve you of these emotions

This is how we remain human, at least the kind and good part of being a human

Express yourself, it is not yet a crime, just make sure you do not destroy another’s life in the process

Arigatou Gozaimasu

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Viva la Resistance!

You by any chance around another person?!


Well the next time you are, ask them to hold out their hand like they are giving you a high five, then you do the same

Now press your hands together as hard as you can, then when you feel them pushing with everything they have

Move out the way

 When fighting angry, blind men, best to just stay out of the way

Jackie Chan as Mr. Han, Karate Kid

It is near impossible to resist something with everything you have without leaning everything you are into that very same thing

Lean long enough and that forward momentum becomes a part of your balance, your equilibrium

The moment that thing gives way, you fall forward, you do not move forward, you fall forward, which mean you move uncontrollably in that direction

The interesting thing about moving uncontrollably, passionately, almost blindly is that you can hit anything, even things you are not meant to hit

And because of momentum, once you hit them, you do the same thing to them, which is lean against them

This is the law of nature, you do this in your emotions, your actions, your words

Ever find yourself rehearsing a speech in your mind, then the moment you start talking you just can’t stop until you start seeing people zone out?

Meditation, mindfulness, yoga, tai chi, chilling the fuck out in any way you can…

These art forms were created to teach you how to control and manage your internal state so that you do not spend the rest of your day fighting with everyone who crosses your path just because someone cut you off the road on your way to work

Being calm is unlikely to ever get you to misstep, but being too rash and reactive is almost certainly always going to lead you into shit

Move forward, don’t fall forward, push but don’t lean into

Never relinquish your balance to gain the advantage, you know the things that give you inner peace, inner strength

Be it family, chilling, Netflix, taking a walk, talking, working out, meditating, carpentry, music, never give it up to get ahead because you will initially gain momentum

Then before you know it, you won’t be able to stop, even when things start turning ugly

Resist Resisting

In yielding is strength

Buddhist Proverb
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Yearning Flavour (Part 1)

Okay so this happened at work I’ll be super careful to keep identities private but I’m really dying to tell this story

A while back a co-worker started enjoying my attention, she’s a little married so we tried to maintain some diplomacy and “social distancing so that HR wouldn’t start breathing down our neck

We’d regularly end up having long chats which would sometimes get flirty, which would slip out in the heat of the conversation.

Every time we are alone I could see her eyes wander down to my bulge, because of my size when it’s swelling up it’s hard not to notice. Every time she looked down at it, I gave her a smile.

Nothing happened for months as this carried on but the sexual tension just built up. We both in happy marriages and satisfied with what we got but the canal Mind of wanting to enjoy something forbidden looked set to engulf us.

Dangerously so, the conversations moved to Whatsapp as we chat during the workday at work, then delete and block each other when we leave for home. Pretty soon It started getting bold as she sent me pictures of her underwear every day under her desk.

We exchange stories of how we fucked our spouses thinking of each other. One day feeling very bold I told her to make sure her husband fucks and cums in her before she comes to work, she seemed confused why but did it anyway

She loved taking orders from her “daddy”. When she came into work I asked her to come to my office, knowing that there was team build arranged that day and the building was empty, we had ticked to use our own transport to get there as we needed to finish off some work.

As soon as she got in, wearing a dress as I had asked her to, I bend her over my desk, slide her panties down and could see the cum on them, and start eating her out with no abandon.

Eating her pussy and asshole together, planting my face between her cheeks till she came on my tongue. The taste of her juices and her husband’s come so intoxicatingly, then I give her a deep kiss with the mixture of saliva, cum, and pussy juices all on my beard

She had the look a person has when they are just dumbfounded and drawn to the randomness  of a situation and I was just letting loose

I have been married for 13 years and for some reason I just don’t get that chance to let loose be crazy, random, and wild with my wife, now this side had found a path to flow into and she knew she was in for a trip

She put her panties on, and I nodded my head to indicate that she could leave, she breathed a sigh of slight relief as she put her panties on with a look of slight confusion not knowing if she was supposed to say anything or just leave

Which turned me on so much that the second she grabbed the door handle I pulled her into another kiss, then turned her around a bent her over the table lifting up her dress and sliding her panties to the side

My dick slid into her so smoothly that I felt my dick pulse in orgasm, she jerked and squirted all over the floor digging her nails into the table

Realizing that I hadn’t come, I began madly thrusting, I felt outside my body, chaotic, slightly unhinged as I fucked her as hard and as deep as the deepest parts of me could dig, after every few thrusts she would tense tightly then scream as she squirted all over the carpet

Her juices feeling like ice cream, feathers, and ecstasy at the tip of my dick, I pulled her up while I was still inside her as she leaned her head over my shoulder moaning, I torn her dress grabbing for her boobs

My mind flashed the security guards walking in or the cleaners or even a colleague picking something up last minute but none of those thoughts seemed to have any effect on this insatiable hunger I was feeling

This deep itch that could only be scratched by the depths of her pussy, by each orgasm, each convulsion, by the juices that had by now drenched her panties and the pants that were hanging around my ankles

She pulled out, turned around, and looked at me like she hadn’t seen me before, like she didn’t know what she was looking at, panting like a wet dog or cheat after a long chase

I stopped, half wondering if I had done something wrong, she grabbed my shirt, a few buttons popped off, with the other hand grabbed my raging hardon, played with it around her click and the entrance of her pussy

I felt my knees weaken each time the tip touched her clit, somehow the tables had turned and now she had me weak, she wrapped her legs around my waist and with a single intense push, she pulled in so deep that I felt her jerk for what felt like the millionth time

The table immediately got soaked, papers, laptop, phones, everything got wet, I don’t think any of it registered on her

I held her so tight that I knew I was going to leave marks while I felt her nails digging into my back and dragging like a cat on new carpet, but our sense of reason and control had long left

And we were going to fuck until one of us tapped out, we got caught or we just couldn’t move anymore

It felt like we both had been starving for so long like we both had something to prove and such a deep thirst to quench that our mad fuck was inevitable

I pulled so hard, so deep, with such long, fast strokes that my breathing got shallow, my heart started beating in my face and my legs shaking, it felt like I was flying through the galaxy and the intensity of the speed would kill me but I wasn’t going to stop

I heard her sync with my breathing and as I came she let out such a loud scream that I knew someone had heard us

We both collapsed on the table, knowing fully well that we weren’t just late for the team building, but we definitely got heard by someone

“I think someone’s coming up the elevator,” she said as we laid exhausted in a pool of sweat, cum and saliva

To Be Continued…

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Legitimized by Thy Enemy

You know, you never know how much you know until you confront reality, and then you know how much you don’t know. And I love it

Dr. Sebi

Your friends, allies, and acquaintances train you, they raise you, but they cannot give you the legitimacy you need to be taken seriously and respected by strangers and broader society

They inherently spend so much time with you and give so much of themselves to you that their opinion on how good you are cannot be trusted, it is because of all this time, effort and resources spent on you that they can’t help but be bias

This is because we instinctively value that which we give time, attention, and effort towards

So when someone truly wants to know who you are, they don’t ask your mom, friends, or colleagues (the ones that like you)

they ask your opponents, your enemies because we are not judged by how we treat those we like and feel are valuable to us, we are judged by how we treat those we dislike, hate, and feel can do us no good

the world is a beautiful place but it can also be very vicious, so our empathy, mercy, and a group of people we show love and care for becomes increasingly smaller and smaller, until only our kids and no one is left in it

Our empathy and care for another is the one indiscriminate casualty of growing up

because if you catalog all the people that have hurt you and used their traits as markers to indicate when to not trust, care for or be merciful to someone, eventually you end up with a catalog that lists every single person on this earth

it doesn’t matter how right you are when you’re a dick because everyone wants you to be wrong

Dr. Taub, House M.D.

It matters not how great you are at what you do, or how above the cut you are, being the best does not make you a legend

Losing everything and going through the fire being able to come out the other side with your happiness, humanity, and love for others… that is what makes you a legend, that is what puts you in a league of your own, then come back to become greater than you were before

Because only after you go through that and remain human, do you understand how and why everything you do is not just for you or about you, but for the person to the left of you, to the right of you, behind you, and in front of you

Regardless of blood relation, race, religion, sex, nationality, or whatever other lines we divide ourselves by

and this is what truly great enemies get drawn in by after you’ve proven your skill is better than there’s, it is your humanity, integrity, honesty, and openness that dictates whether they champion your goals or support the next enemy to take you down

This is why to win over your opponents without a single drop of blood spilled is the greatest victor you can ever gain, and if you do go into battle, the goal is still to come to an understanding, not to obliterate them

Your True Desires

You seek peace, purpose, health, time, freedom, amazing connections, and self-worth

You’re essentially born with these things, all you have to do is nourish them, maintain them and grow them

Based on our societal structure, you attend school for about 20 years from age 7, then you work for about 40-50 years, whether you’re an employee or entrepreneur, slowly giving these things up one by one, bit by bit

Because of the social pressures that tell you that they are worthless and their only a burden until you use them to trade for money

Money that you then use to get back time, freedom, self-worth, etc.

See the matrix?! The prison for your mind?

You can never get enough of what you don’t need, because what you don’t need won’t satisfy you.

Dallin H. Oaks

You can own 15 million houses around the world but you can only sleep in one room, on a single bed a night

You can own the entire food industry but your belly can still only carry at most, two fists worth of food per sitting, which you’ll only have 4-5 of in a day

You can have a thousand spouses, but you only have 24 hours in a day and so much sexual, emotional, and mental energy to share

Just like arrogance is insecurity hiding in boast, greed is fear of lack

Most toxic feelings are unacknowledged and undealt with feelings

We are emotional creatures, logic and sense play but a very tiny part of our lives, we know logically that even if you owned an island, you’d only be in a small piece of it for most of the time

That even if you had 700 cars, you’d only end up driving about 7 or 8 of them most of the time

the same goes for money, you take coffee, drugs, you don’t sleep, don’t eat right, sometimes not at all, you miss birthdays, ruin relationships for about 8-10 years (if you’re lucky)

Then you get sick, and because the medical profession makes its money from treating you, they will take hundreds of thousands to do test after test, giving you diagnosis after diagnosis, treatment after treatment until you’re broke

And because your relationships will essentially be non-existent at this point, people will only be talking to you and engaging with you not because you have an amazing personality, but because you have money they can solve their problems with

The higher up in class you go, the more ruthless people become, you’ll avoid the broke people and start spending time with people more like you, wealthy people,

But even then you won’t be able to fully relax and let go because as any wealthy person knows, there is no end to this game, you go from one deal to the next, one million to the next

At this stage, you only feel alive when you’re acquiring, and it’s never anything you need so it can never fill the hole, so you’ll just keep acquiring until it finally destroys everything you have and/or kills you

You’re much simpler than you’d like to believe, the things that make you happy are much cheaper than you’re led to believe and your health does not cost millions if you but know how to nourish the flash that keeps you on this earth

And unfortunately, there is too much financial incentive in law, medicine, religion, wealth, health, relationships, arts, and crafts for most of the world to be honest with you

for the salesperson to say to you “no, you don’t need that dress or that makeup, you look beautiful in a plain T-shirt, and if you keep working out and eating healthy, you’ll never need to buy another designer dress, bag, or shoe ever again”

But they likely won’t, because they’d rather lose their integrity selling you what they know you don’t need, and you’re trying to fill the hole that your self-worth left when you gave it up by buying that dress

You don’t have to be a martyr, you don’t have to quit Netflix, your Big Mac, or that Lexus you want, but learn to understand that those are only wants

Never allow yourself to feel like you need any of it to be happy

Good Relationships

These things are worth more than any penny put in front of you

Detachment is not that you own nothing, detachment is that nothing owns you”

The Bhagavadgita

When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money

Cree Indian Prophecy

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Language and Humility

The tyranny of words is partly why we fail to understand each other as people

And I’m not even talking about when we speak different languages

I mean when we’re either speaking British or American English

Damn, that’s a bad motherfucker

Could be literal, could be figurative, could be a good thing, could be a bad thing, could be good and bad based on the time, mood, tone, emphasis, of the speaker

Words are meant to convey an image, a thought, a feeling from my mind into yours, but so much gets lost in translation, in presentation, inattentiveness

this is why the best listeners are always the most humble because their curiosity, teachability, and openness urges them to not only listen but to dig, ask question after question until they can repeat back to you what they think you meant in their own words and you confirm that that is what you unequivocally meant

That is true communication, it only happens with the speaker speaks clearly and precisely

And the listener listens curiously and humbly

So ask yourself, when was the last time you humbly and patiently listened someone was saying?

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Submitting to Cravings

A few years ago I got called by a gentleman to come and see him regarding some business, not uncommon as I was selling printing services into various companies and was heading up a small sales team.

The appointment was in Sandton and I took a young lady rep with me – these guys always liked some eye candy, and I was middle age, still in shape, but over 35 and thought she at 28 and a good looker May just help us get the business – it was a very good client if we could secure it, so I thought it was worth the extra effort.

At the appointment in his very plush office overlooking Sandton, he sat us down and couldn’t take his eyes off me – he was very charming, good looking, and very well-groomed, and even there he subtly seduced me with his attention and power

And it did my ego wonders, I had this young stunning young girl with me, and he was all about me – left there very flustered and honestly a little wet.

We had just arrived back in the office and I was still with my young rep, when he called and said the next visit I must come alone, he said he saw a naughtiness in my eyes, and he would tell me when and told me that I must just wear a long coat and lingerie, nothing else – then said goodbye.

I must have blushed because the young rep asked what had happened- I blurted out what a pig our client turned out to be – told her the story and it became a laughing thing around the office for the day. Although it left me very curious and my ego very flattered.

That night I told my husband and we had some wild sex, I even put on a coat with sexy underwear and stockings and a garter. I had been a “hotwife” and our relationship did have a cuckold element several times before – but I had never been so openly propositioned and it made us very horny.

After the sex, neither my hubby nor I said a word about it for a few days. And then on Thursday, the client texted me “my office tomorrow at 3 pm” I later learned his staff finished work at 2.30 on Fridays.

After receiving the message at the office I went to the ladies toilet, took my brush with ( it had a nice thick long handle), and fucked myself with it, the text really excited me, too much actually

But in the toilet, I was fantasizing about him and was now really turned on by the possibility of maybe going to his meeting. On the way home Thursday evening, I was deciding whether to tell hubby or just go without telling him – I was worried he would not want me too and I really wanted to.

That night during sex I told him – and I also played down my excitement a bit, surprisingly he said why not, you know what it’s going to lead to and it’s safe and secure and he is decent. I didn’t tell him how hot the client actually was.

Friday I left the office early, went home and did my chores, sorted out the maid, kids, etc. Put on my sexiest white lace panties and bra, suspenders and stockings- then put on a pair of pants and a loose top to cover up the lingerie, took my blue coat, and headed out.

Just before his office I stopped at a service station and went onto the ladies and stripped off the pants and top and while I was there I was sooo fucking horny in anticipation I fingered myself to a shuddering climax in the ladies.

I was now properly wet and swollen – I felt extremely naughty leaving there in a long coat and lingerie and very horny.

Arrived at his office around 2.50, the place was very quiet, security chap let me in and I parked in front of the front door and as I approached the door my client opened the door, greeted me very formally

and I followed him to his office where he opened a door onto a very small smart bar area, he showed me the couch and asked what I wanted to drink — I said red wine, he opened a bottle and poured two glasses and came and sat next to me,

We sipped our wine and hardly spoke, he then said to me I must come to stand in front of him, I did and standing there I felt quite stupid, but I was so wet, he then said he likes girls that listened to his instructions

and then told me to undo the buttons and the little belt and open the coat so he could see more, I somehow just listened and did as I was told, he then stood up and moved his hands under the coat and up around my bum and up to my back and just lifted the coat off me

he sat back on the couch and studied me standing in front of him with just very skimpy white lacy lingerie on and stockings.

He then told me to get on my knees and he undid his pants and pulled out his above-average very hard cock, he put his hands around my head and slowly pushes me down onto sucking him

he controlled my head movements with his hands and started off slowly and then a little deeper and harder, he then told me to go to his boardroom table back in the office and bend over it

I did again as I was told, he came up behind me and started feeling my bum and tits and then worked his other hand between my legs

and started fingering me first with one finger, and then two-three and gentle worked me open nice and wide and wet, he stood up and moved closer and entered me from behind

At first slow deep thrusts and then faster and harder. I think I had already cum three or four times and then he stopped and lead me back to the couch

I felt like his whore, and like his sex object, he just knew his power and stature would allow him to do as he pleased with me – on the couch he fucked and ate me in many different positions

and eventually, cum in me while fucking me laying on my back with legs right up against him in an almost standing position- almost fucking me from above as hard and deep as he liked – I couldn’t believe how much he came in me

He was big with big balls and they must have been full because I would feel his cock pulsating and him coming in me, he would slow down slightly, and just when I thought he was done, he would spend up again

And again I would feel his cock tense and pump his cum in me – this carried on for about two / three minutes. After he was done he left the bar area and went to the toilet – I just got up and pulled my panties back on and put my coat on.

He came back said thank you, and that he had enjoyed the time together- about 2 hours. He walked me to the door and said security will open the gate, said goodbye and I left

I phoned home and told my hubby to make sure the kids were busy elsewhere when I got home because as we were chatting I was leaking my clients cum all over the inner back of my coat

I have had many sexual experiences, but that Friday I really felt like some guy’s whore – I actually enjoyed the feeling. ☺️

I never saw him again and we never got any of their business.

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How to say Goodbye

Save what we canbut know that everything passes away

Jin Sakai

One of the greatest lessons you learn once you become conscious, once you’ve come of age and have felt pain, is the lesson of appreciation

A gift you have when you are young but are not fully aware of because no loss feels permanent at that those ages

Once you become aware, you begin to appreciate music differently, there’s a melancholy that accompanies sitting and having fun with friends

Which gives each moment its depth, flavor, and scent

It is because of this impermanence that you begin to burn certain moments into your brain and never let them go

Because death comes for all, even if the form remains, just as the substance came, it shall depart so that it may come elsewhere

this is the nature of atoms, of life, or molecules, they move, no matter how solid and permanent they may seem, they are always moving, and eventually, they move apart, to become a part of something else

Energy can neither be Created nor DestroyedEnergy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another”

The First Law of Thermodynamics

So if the ingredients that made you and those you love are constantly moving, what makes you think that you or those around you will stay the same forever?

Look at your hand, take a deep breath and just observe it, the skin, the little hairs, the nail, the scratches and scars, the blemishes, the veins underneath

Once upon a time it did not exist and one day, it will no longer exist, it may be after your death, it may be while you still breathe, but it will be gone

but while it is here, it services you, it touches, brings things, takes them away, balances you, stops things, makes you aware of things, helps you express yourself, circulates blood, helps you cool down, picks you up off the ground, need I continue?!

So let’s say we could give you another hand, would it make that handless important or negate everything it’s done for you?

Nothing is owed to you, not one thing on this earth, not even that hand, and just as easily as it was given to you, it can just as easily be taken away

And when the time comes, breath, feel the pain, and let atoms move onto the next stage of their journey

Appreciate, that is the lesson of age, be thankful for all that creates, sustains, and protects your life


“Humans find it hard to manage their biochemistry without physical activity”

Sadguru, Impact Theory

What if I told you that it’s not money, cars, traveling or a mansion you’re actually chasing?

what if I told you that the thing you’re truly chasing is the very thing that big business uses to keep undercutting your efforts to reach these things you claim to desperately after

If you want to be wealthy, how come your bank account is at minus yet your fridge has McDonald’s takeaways?

If you want that car, why is Uber the one that’s getting wealthier off of your money?

Asking better questions and listening to the answers is usually what makes our life better, not just better solutions

Ice cream makes us happy, wine/whiskey/vodka makes us happy, vicariously living life through the activities we watch on YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook is makes us happy

These companies keep getting your money, time, and energy because they have learned something that you’ve missed: you’re not after any of these things on your vision board, you’re after the feeling you think those things will give you

You’re after the neuro-chemistry, those feel-good chills you get from the amazing music, an orgasm, or tasty food

That’s what you’re chasing, and those feelings are monopolized by the music or the food or even the orgasm, the ecstasy from those things is the same, and it can be felt through many other methods

a huge reason why you keep picking Netflix to get that hit of dopamine instead of going for a run to get the same (if not better) is because one requires much less effort, is easier to access, and more popular

the thing about being a grown-up is that you’re now your own parent

Bill burr

So you take the easy way to get that hit, that feeling, expending less and less effort every time you go through the habit loop, every time they add an update, every time a friend or online stranger tells you how amazing it is

but after a while, like any drug, you start to notice how much more food you need to feel the same feeling, how many shows you need to go through, how many more times you need to scroll just to find an interesting video

Soon enough you notice that you don’t even feel normal without that scroll, that show, that snack

Funny how they go from being an extra to being a necessity

Comfort walks into your house a guest and ends up the host

M.D. Moabelo

You compromise one thing after another, like any addict would until you’re an amazing person by name only but not by substance

Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Brenda Fassie, you name your celebrity and watch how quickly substance leaves the door the moment they don’t find health, happiness, and growth from the things that require more effort than a click, scroll, or a call

forget celebrity, just look around you, look in the mirror, ask yourself just how much time you spend on these quick pleasures, now ask yourself what if you got the same amount of pleasure from activities that appreciate and accrue in pleasure?!

Because they do, you just won’t feel as amazing when you first do them but every activity on this earth, no matter how hard, painful, or strenuous it may be, at some point it peaks on the pleasure scale, if only you invest in it first

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Why No One Tells The Truth

Sometimes there is no upside to telling the truth

Sometimes you honestly gain nothing tangible by telling the truth

And often there is no upside to you admitting that you did this or said that

The truth can be tricky sometimes, and what no one tells you is that at times lying does feel good, it does help you avoid consequences, arguments, and certain conversations

Like if you didn’t like someone, but then started enjoying their company after a few encounters, sometimes it becomes hard for the relationship to move past the initial truth of dislike so you act polite, basically lie about how you’re actually feeling

Yes, lying is cowardice, but so is eating pizza and ice cream instead of eating a salad with herbs and water

In truth, there is no balance between telling the truth at the right time and lying at the right time

sometimes telling a child that their drawing looks like shit and makes absolutely no sense is unnecessary, and other times telling your spouse that you like her dress and that she looks perfect is what fosters complacency and lack of growth

Too much truth can cause resentment, too many lies creates mistrust

To be honest, I don’t know how much truth is too much truth and which lies are okay

If you cheat and come clean, what sometimes happens is the other person feeling like they wish you never told them, that there was no upside to you telling them, that telling them just to clear your conscience was a selfish act

The truth is tricky, and sadly often times it is those who know how and when to lie well that get ahead, and not just in the short term

Lying or telling the truth is about your peace of mind, your state of being

the truth hurts, the truth can set you free, the truth can also cost you everything you have, only to find out that what you thought was true was not in fact true

Because what we likely mean by “truth” is “accurate” which is an ever-shifting landscape that’s shaped by knowledge, experience, perspectives, experimentation, exploration, discovery, and nearly none of which happens by accident

So how much truth is too much truth?

What if the only thing you gain from knowing the truth is the pain of knowing and nothing else?

What if you never knew and you were guaranteed that nothing in your life would change from not knowing?

Would you want to know the truth then?

When is it okay to lie or tell the truth?

That is a question you must answer for yourself

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Social Media Panty Request

Okay, this is a very strange story but please don’t judge me, I swear I have never done this before Lol

A man on one of my social media sites asked for my dirty panties. He said “I want to smell your pussy and ass through your panties. Make them as musty as possible, I want to smell traces of urine and I want to lick your discharge.”

I was freaked out by his message, no one has ever asked for something so intimate. I read the DM again and again and decided to ignore it but I couldn’t get it off my mind. It was so “out there” that it actually turned me on.

So, I bought a new pair of panties, a dirty pink g string was perfect.

I was going to wear them once and send them but after the first day they still smelt new-ish so I decided I’d wear them the next day as well. This time I watched videos that turned me on, I could feel my juices flowing, I was properly wet. I also didn’t wipe when I pee’d so at the end of the day it was proper musty but I needed to do one more thing. I rolled the panties up into a tampon shape and inserted them in my pussy on day three while I went on about the day.

It was exciting knowing that I was doing this naughty, dirty thing.

I put them in a plastic bag, in an envelope, and sent them via post.

He received them on Monday, since then, he’s sent me videos of himself wanking with my panties on his nose as well as them wrapped around his cock.

I’m extremely turned on by this, I didn’t know I was into cum tributes. I wonder if that’s a thing for you…?

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Notes from the Journey

The almost imperceptible pieces that connect one doer to another are far beyond what words can relay

think about what you love doing, let’s say shopping, objectively speaking it is you going from one store to the next, looking for what you think looks nice so that you can mix and match until you find an outfit or a set of outfits you can wear to certain occasions

That’s it

It is neither a need, nor a pressing accomplishment, and to the naked eye, it not only looks like a waste of money

It looks like an extreme addiction that wastes effort, time and causes more harm than good because more often than not, true shopaholics end up with far more items than they need, items that either get given away or fall into decay and must be discarded

But speak to a buyer, which is essentially a professional shopper, who gets paid to shop and add the latest trends into stores, the little details they look for, the art that goes into what they do

Why they buy it and with what predictions they buy it for

The same goes for sports, business, crafts, the list goes on

Now with this knowledge in hand, you probably have someone by your side, a significant other, a friend, a ride or die

You should have realized at some point that you cannot explain to them what the journey was like, what you saw, what you felt, what you did, what you experienced, “you cannot give them the ear that arrests the music” when it comes to this thing you love so much

so to bridge that gap of understanding you must experience these things together because the connection is not acquired from knowing the same things but from experiencing the same things

This is why you can talk all night, every night for 15 years with your spouse about what you love, what you hate, what you’ve experienced, and it can get completely overthrown by one conversion with someone who went through the same thing they went through, like an ex

Pain Turns

Ever heard the saying “too much of a good thing is bad” considered whether the opposite may also be true?!

Ever felt so much pain that it begins turning pleasurable, like how alcohol tastes horrible but after a while, you can’t wait to get home and have that beer or glass of wine?

Or how fighting with your love leads to that angry makeup sex that just fucks your whole world up, so much so that you sometimes secretly start fights just to have the makeup sex?

Here’s an example that may sound more familiar, when a person can’t wait to go on Annual Leave from work

Then two days after they go on leave, they pop in at the office just to “check” on y’all or when you saying you just wanna get home after work but the second you leave the office, all that flows through your mind and comes out your mind is work-related stuff

This is all because there’s a sense of undefined pleasure in familiarity, in the release, the feel-good hormones that kick in after you’ve reached a certain level of pain, this is the basis of runner’s high, the very same concept applies to so many other painful things

so if too much happiness can lead to sadness and anger, can too much sadness and unhappiness accidentally lead to happiness and excitement, like what happened to Viktor E. Frankl?

Golden Handcuffs

Here’s a scenario

You have found something you love, you think about it day and night, you do it even when it irritates those around you, even when no one is paying you for it, you finally have a passion, a purpose

then someone comes and offers you R15 000 to do what you’ve been doing for free, no strings attached, you just need to keep doing what you’ve been doing all along

A few months go by and they send their praises, compliments, gifts, and a few suggestions

You got accustomed to that R15 000, you even come to rely on it

Then a few more months go by and you do something they don’t like

They send a representative to express their disapproval, “suggest” that you ease up on certain topics, certain agendas, they indicate that it reflects badly on their brand and that they would like to continue their relationship with you

You take the discussion as is, disregard their “suggestions” and continue doing what you’ve been doing and they withdraw their R15 000

but they don’t stop there, they now indicate that in agreeing to take that R15 000 you had signed over control of what you’ve been doing to them and that now you are no longer allowed to do it since you refuse to do it as they want you to do it


You agree to their “suggestions” and now have to do your craft as they want you to do it, when they want you to do it and how they want you to do it

This is called the Golden Handcuffs

you are given something in exchange for signing over what you love, you get accustomed to that shininess of the gold and by the time you realize that you had completely compromised who you are, what you are, and what you love for that gold, you have not only fallen from grace but you are now unable to even do that which you love

It was done to the McDonalds brothers, Tony Braxton, Eduardo Saverin (facebook founding partner) Dave Chappelle, the list goes on

You can’t go this path alone, you must get into partnerships to advance but be careful to never sign over control of any kind, and always allow yourself an exit plan from that partnership

Never think you can have anything of perceived value and not have to protect it, the world is a jungle, full of many poisonous pretty plants, dangerous animals, and harsh elements, the journey is pleasant to watch but it is hard to live through

So always remain vigilant, and breathe, you’re not gonna get out of this alive anyway to enjoy it

Safe Travels

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Know The Fool

A fool will lose tomorrow reaching for yesterday

Dionne Warwick

The only constant is change, everything in nature flows, your need for control is fear of the unknown unacknowledged and unattended to

It is this fear that keeps you clinging to what you currently possess, it’s what keeps you reaching for yesterday

And like using the same container over and over again, or the same technique, with each iteration, it loses potency, decays, and slowly becomes toxic

Like how you feel after telling the same story a thousand times

What does not grow/change, dies, a slow and very painful death

Yes, there is a lot of pain waiting for you tomorrow, but there is also a lot of pleasure, neither can be avoided, neither can be made permanent

too much pain turns into a strange pleasure, too much pleasure turns into pain, but neither bring lasting happiness or peace because they are not meant to stay that way, they were meant to arrive, do their thing, and move on, like a breath

You must find moments of silence that you may recuperate, recover, reminisce, feel the melancholy and joy

But once you are done, face the day as if it is your last, because one day it will be

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Fun Run

Okay, this is a very strange story, but this is how I knew women got game, I still feel like a rabbit lured with a piece of lettuce but this is how it went

I usually jog in the mornings for anything between 3km and 10km depending on how I’m feeling and if I have enough time before I have to get to the office

But on this particular morning, I went on a morning jog with a lady from my complex who had been nagging me to join me on a run for about a 2years.

Honestly, I had been postponing and making excuses for two reasons, firstly, my jogs are like meditation, they’re very quiet and therapeutic to me

Secondly, she already looked drop-dead gorgeous in her work attire, I just didn’t think I could keep my composure seeing her in a sports bra and tight leggings, Jesus fuck, just the thought gets my heart racing

Finally, I plug up the courage to go running with her, I must say the conversation was great and I was enjoying the run even though it was cold.

3 kilos in as we come close to a wetland area with thick grass she suddenly stopped and said “I want to pee can you please come with me, I am not comfortable going in there alone.”

Shit, my thoughts start racing but I act cool and go with her, when she gets to the brushes,  she went down and started did her thing and I looked away

And she asked in Sesotho “osheba kwana, ke eng osa etsebeng?” (Translation: why are you looking away? is there something you are not familiar with?).

The blood drained from my face, she looked at me like a cat stalking its prey, and my deer in the headlights expression was not helping my position.

l looked towards her and she knew she had me in the palm of her hand, as she stood up I was now as trigonometry. I could not compose myself any longer and moved in for the kiss, she put her hand on my chest and said “eeeeasy, there’ll be plenty of time for that”.

She got dressed properly and we continued running, the thought of her pussy made to lose my appetite for running, I was now a puppy on a leash, and I suspect that was the intention, however, we did finish the run which was about 8 kilos.

When we got back to the complex, I looked at her with those hungry eyes a hyena gets when it sees a stray baby buffalo

She said “same time tomorrow?”

“Not if it’s going to end the same way” I pouted

“I waited 2 years, I’m sure you can handle a few days” she smirked walking into her apartment and closing the door behind her

The following morning I tried so hard to keep my composure and go on my solo run but the second I got close to her door, I somehow found myself knocking

She opened the door in a gown, asked me to come in quickly because I was letting the heat out

Half confused, half hopeful I walked in, she told me to sit down

I sat by the couch, she came from the kitchen with a large mug filled with hot chocolate, sat it in from of me, pulled a blanket, and curled up in my arms

My tummy turned into an acrobat from the circus

“Your heart’s racing, are you comfortable?” she asked

I nodded, not wanting to fuck up the mood

I felt the tip of her nails glide over my tights with her palm grazing my bulge

Her head slid from my shoulder to under the blanket

Needless to say, we never went for that jog

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Animalistic Tendencies

we all see glory in one form or another, to be the best, top of our field, even a monk, seeking enlightenment is only seeking to be the best monk there can ever be

But to be the best means being the top of your field, by definition to the exclusion of all those who share the same field as you

To Be The Best, You Must Beat The Best

Ryan McCarthy, Never Back Down

There is an old Chinese parable

About a snake who was found dead with his jaws wide open

In her zeal and ambition, the snake mistook an elephant for prey and died a little over a quarter up the elephant’s leg the second the elephant raised its leg and stepped

Because of its greed, the snake mistook the elephant for prey

But what if the snake knew and had paralyzed the elephant first, would the elephant’s inability to move has taken away from its sheer size

Would the snake still not have choked on its ambition trying to swallow the elephant?!

Ever heard the question “How do you do you eat a whole elephant?

The answer has always been “bit by bit

Everyone has their fight, even if you don’t know it

And it is by design that the opponent will almost always be large, strong, complex, intelligent, resourceful, experienced, and creative, they will always be more than you in some form or way

It will always be the ant trying to take down the elephant

If the elephant is asleep, the ant may easily invade its system and seize function, assuming the internal immune system doesn’t eliminate the threat first

If the ant is with an army, taking down the elephant can be shared amongst larger groups

If the elephant is neither asleep nor does the ant have an army

the third option is to redirect the elephant’s strength against itself, like how a mouse, a fly, a mosquito could have you awake, turning over tables, breaking tables and hurting yourself, or agitating someone else who could hurt you

This is Brazilian Ju-Jitsu

When you redirect your opponent’s force, you force them to adapt or be destroyed by the same strength that was meant to protect them

All structures are made of many different, complex systems working together to create a force and achieve an objective

no matter how strong, smart, young, wealthy, and skilled a person maybe they can always be taken down by poison which attacks the internal systems, a bullet/blade that severe physical structures, a strike to the throat, the eye, the groin, the temple, smack to the ear, strike under the armpit, behind the knee/elbow, reversing a joint in a direction it wasn’t designed for…

Are you starting to see it?!

This is how the snake failed where the ant could succeed

Are you starting to understand how to take down an elephant?

Caution: in any plan you make to defeat your opponent, always remember that they also get a vote as the result of that its execution

Final Points

The little bighorn (the end around move)

When universities would refuse to allow Facebook onto their campuses because they already had a social media site exclusive to their students

Founders of Facebook started spreading the site to surrounding colleges, effectively forcing the Universities to allow Facebook in due to the overwhelming pressure from the students who wanted to keep communicating with their friends in the colleges

When Ray Kroc wanted the McDonalds brand but knew he couldn’t get it through any straightforward method, he got the brothers to sign over exclusive franchising rights to him

Then he began buying the under on which each franchise was operating, effectively disabling the brothers from being able to create another McDonalds without his say so, and that is how they ended up selling it over to him

There are many ways to drown a fish, if you cannot get to its gills, go for the water, the opportunities are always there, you just need to slow down enough to notice

Always Weigh an Opportunity Based On Its Potential, Not The First Paycheque

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson

Everything is like water, a boat can float on water, water can nourish the body, but water can also sink a boat or drown the body

All emotions are like water, anger, happiness, sadness, arousal, they can either fuel your actions or lead them

If you view things from this perspective, you will realize that nothing is inherently bad or good

Flowing water can nourish the body but still, water can hide danger and poison the body

Are both not water?!

Lucky at Birth

Some things are neither urgent nor important but extremely pleasant like chocolate

Some things are urgent but not important like a text

Some things are urgent and important like assignments or work

Some things are not important but urgent like taking care of your health

The two most fortunate people who are born into this world are those born with everything and those born with nothing: those born with everything ascend to greatness because of a sense of duty and destiny, those born with nothing ascend because of a strong desire to survive and become far more than they are,

To prove that it matters not what you were born with, for them, it only takes a small taste of achieving something, learning something, mastering something to understand that you can acquire the whole world if you only learn how

the true nature of something, first you see it as food, then you see it as a tree, then you see it as the creator of fruits and oxygen, then you see it as firewood, then you see it as an example of life than you see it as life itself, but what is it’s true nature?


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Naughty Niece (Final Part)

With her lips slightly parted and her eyes half-closed

She was sitting across from us on the floor, with her legs parted and her ring finger gently circulating around her glistening clit

I had a mixture of such intense terror, confusion, and arousal that the thought that I got drugged and was hallucinating penetrated my mind

V…v… Venessa…” I muttered

shhh” was all I heard as my head fell back again from this girl blowing entire reality out of the window

I pulled my head forward to check it Venessa was really in front of us


Rubbing her clit…

My Venessa…

With her mouth open, she moaned as her fingers began picking up momentum between her pussy lips and her clit

With my life officially fucked, I laid back and resigned myself to this pleasurable hell, at the very least I was gonna enjoy the ride

Nompi lathered my dick so moist that I felt the saliva slide down my scrotum towards my ass

She moved her mouth, raising her head with a long slick of saliva staying connected between her lips and the tip of my dick

She pushed my dick onto my belly as she got on top of me

With her wet pussy, she started riding on top of the dick, from the shaft towards the dick tip

With the head rubbing the clit every time she’d slid back toward the base, letting out a moan each time

Forcibly drawing breath between her clenched teeth, not letting the dick slip in

She slid her arms over the neck of her dress, letting it drop to her waist

Freeing those beautifully perfect brown boobies that have haunted my fantasies for so long

She took my hands from her waist and slowly raised them up to her tits, giving them a gentle squeeze almost to tell me how hard to go

She rode, forward…



Back… with the intensity and speed increasing each time

As she began to pick up speed

She slid forward, arched her back and my dick popped into her like a snake sliding into its hole

The sensation was so explosive that I jerked, squeezed her tips so that she screamed tightening her core and pushing me over the edge

My seed oozed into her as panted bathing in the orgasm, her thighs shivering, the inside of her pussy pulsing, sucking me dry

After a few moments, she collapsed onto my chest

I held her, looking at Venessa smiling and licking her lips, still rubbing her drenched cunt

A few minutes passed, Nompi tried to get up and we noticed that my dick was still hard

Her face lit up as she moved her waist back down

Noticing the look of utter shock on my face, she knew this had never happened to me before

Without a word, she began riding like this was the round she was looking forward to like she knew

I could feel my dick touch the end of her pussy, each touch felt like a mini-explosion

I felt this savage nature come over me, I picked her up with my dick still inside her and my shorts by my ankles and stood up

With her slender body and petite frame, I took her legs over my arms and started pumping her up and down onto my raging cock

She tightened her arms around my neck and held on for dear life, realizing the power and aggression of a real man in the throes of a sexual tantrum

I heard her breathing hasten as her screams got louder and louder with me determined to fuck the audacity out of her

To teach this little pussy not to fuck with a grown black man in his house

After about half an hour I gently laid her down to fuck her in missionary so she could see me fuck this little rebellion out of her tight cunt

I slid my dick in so hard and so deep that I felt her jerk and spasm as the carpet got soaked

Venessa breathing like a tired pussy with her eyes so wide with arousal, I knew I could let go and fuck this young thing into a coma

I pulled my dick out until the tip was barely touching the lips then trust in deep, giving her long, full stroking her pussy squirting like a fountain every few minutes

I slid out to put her into doggy and she tried to crawl away on fall fours with her pussy dripping

shhh, relax…

Wait, I need to breathe, let’s take a break” she pleaded

Should I stop?” I asked with a deep base

No, I’ve just never felt this before, I just need a minute,” she said with her fingers shaking

How long are you gonna resist me?” I asked with a grin

She smiled and looked at me as the words echoed between us

Bring that ass to daddy, ain’t no breaks between us grown-ups

She turned around, realizing that this is what she had been teasing out of me all this time and that she had to take it, even if it meant she’d blackout from an orgasm

Turning around on all fours, she lowered her head to lay on her forearms arching her back, completing surrendering her ass and pussy to me

I took the tip and slid it up and down her pussy lips

She started shaking, then she took her hand and started rubbing her clit

I rubbed slowly, fully, intensely before sliding in just the tip

Then I began stroking, slowing, from a left angle, a right angle, then left again, giving a deep stroke every 7-8 strokes

I began picking up speed, with her pulling every fiber out of the carpet, scratching the couch and everything within reach

Deeper, deeper

Faster and faster

Until the whole house was filled with moans, groans, screams, dirty talk

I looked Venessa deep into her eyes the harder I went, the deeper I went, the louder Nompi screamed until we all collapsed in a simultaneous orgasm

This time I immediately slid out of her and went over to Venessa, who kissed me, curled into my arms, and said “I love you”

We sat, 10 minutes passed, then 20, then 30, I started feeling a chill on my dick when Venessa said “I think she’s out

All that time I hadn’t noticed that Nompi hadn’t moved

Maybe she died” I responded succumbing to a moment of arrogant dark humor

Vee slapped me on my hand “sis, don’t say that, you weren’t exactly holding back on the poor girl

Venessa got up, went over to her, and brushed her lightly on the back

Hmmm” she moaned coming out of her sleep with drooling joining her cum on the carpet

Let’s get you cleaned and into bed,” Venessa said in a warm, motherly tone

Well, what about me?” I thought, then I laughed silently to myself

After they came out of the bathroom she went into the guest room and laid next to her boyfriend, who rolled over, laying his arm over her

She sighed deeply as we closed the door retreating to our own bedroom to finish the night off

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Itching To Change The Past?

Learn to let things end the way they ended: awkward, painful, unsightly, and in a way you hated, learn to let them end that way

The deep need to reopen that door so you can make it end the way you wanted it to end doesn’t just open the door to a different ending but also a different hurt, different betrayal, worse ending

The need to change the ending is a feeling, it’s an urge, no matter how you justify it, it’s a craving

But before you do, ask yourself

Why is it so important that the ending be different?!

Are you perhaps hoping that the current ending wasn’t an ending but a cliffhanger to another chapter, perhaps one with the ending you desired, or no ending at all?

Can you honestly admit to yourself that the selfish desire to reopen that door at all costs is because you wanted things to go your way and the fact that they didn’t is causing you to become irrational, emotional, and impulsive?

So much so that you’re now willing to cause far more harm, erase your progress and hurt those who are currently in your life just so you can get the ending you want

Could this be less about the ending and more about an unfulfilled need that you’re hoping a possibly different ending may fulfill, even at the cost of great harm to you, everything your life currently is, and those around you?

Be honest with yourself, is this about them, or is it really about you?


In the popular anime, Naruto Shippudden, there’s an ocular technique used to hypnotize your enemy into an illusion of their making

An illusion that puts them in a loop, where they are stuck forever getting the same outcome because they keep following the same key acts

And the only way to escape this loop is for them to allow the situation to flow towards its natural conclusion and accept the conclusion as it is

The caster of this technique loses sight in an eye when they place their opponent in it, at the same time they make that opponent susceptible to suggestions

The key ingredient in making sure this technique works in the opponent is that they must have a strong desire to control the outcome

Like you wanting to do the same thing, go back to the same relationship until you get the desire you want

The caster in this case would be the person you keep going back to

Understand the analogy?

The Little Things

It’s The Little Things That Get You Caught

Denzel Washington, The Little Things

When you’re still new to something, a new sport, new job, new skill, anything really, at first it’s very complex, lots of moving parts

Almost too much to keep track of

as you advance to a competence level, those clusters of activities narrow down to a maximum of three, like with driving, at first it’s keeping track of the gear, the road, the mirrors, the steering wheel, the clutch, the accelerator, the break, etc.

Once you get to a competence level it’s three clusters: what you do with your eyes, what you do with your hands, and what you do with your feet

When you get to perfection it all becomes one cluster, essentially passive driving

But here’s what makes stunt car drivers, race drivers, motor testers and engineers experts, masters and pioneers

They go back to make that one cluster a thousand pieces once more

by doing this they get to understand each part of the process, reverse engineering, tinkering, questioning, exploring, experimenting, and ultimately not only mastering driving but creating a completely new form of it

There are many clumsy things you did and enjoyed as a child, as a beginner, as a novice, things you did not fully understand or even comprehend

Here’s a simple example, you pay R500 a month for a gym membership, yet you take the car to the store, the bus to work, and lay on the couch all weekend

When you could take that same R500 and go join a hiking/running/cycling club, walk to the store and ride a bicycle to work

What’s hurting you at the point you are at in your life is not that you’re not working your ass off, it’s that you don’t stop to take a breather, and truly look at what’s right in front of you

You now go through the motions, mindlessly repeating because you get to think less and feel like you’re progressing because you’re being productive

But progression is not simply about how much you produce or how hard you work

If Hard Work Is All It Takes To Be Successful, Show Me A Wealthy Donkey or Ox


It’s about intention, it’s about focus, it’s about going back to the little pieces that are seemingly insignificant and ask yourself “why? Why am I doing this?

Why am I doing it like that?

What do I seek to achieve?

Is this the best way to achieve it?

You must evaluate constantly to keep advancing

Final Words

This is why when no one is looking, and you no longer have to pretend

You must allow yourself to be nakedly and selfishly honest with yourself

Brutally so

Because the truth is like the sun, you may hide from it, even more in the darkness (night) than in the light (day) but the sun never really sets, the earth turns and the sun remains where it is

Like the truth, and until you face the sun, like any plant, like any animal, you will not grow, you will not progress

Growth is tumultuous, it’s lonely, it’s scary, it’s painful, it’s draining, it’s truly a journey of beauty and tragedy

and most of the time you will feel like quitting, like resigning yourself to what feels like an inevitable fate of failure and crawling back to the comforts you left behind

But here’s the one thing they don’t tell you when you begin this journey

Once you begin, as the landscape, the people, the circumstances change in front of you, so do you

As without, so within

A Mind That Is Stretched By A New Experience Can Never Go Back To Its Old Dimensions” .

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

So unfortunately even if you do get back to those comforts, the sex won’t feel as satisfying, the liquor not so cool, the conversations not so stimulating and the company not so comforting

Not because they changed, but because you changed

And it is usually at this time that you will realize that the only way out of this purgatory is through, right through to the end, the natural end

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Naughty Niece (Part 3)

The hand quickly receded and we kept watching the show

I fought so hard to place my boner in such a way that it does not cause a tent under the blankets

The girls kept talking and giggling with the conversation slowly dying down

Nompi started falling asleep on the armrest of the couch with her ass facing towards me

My mind flashed her sweet pussy squeezing out between her thighs with her dress pushed up towards her waist

All under this one blanket

“Don’t you wanna go sleep in the guest room?” Venessa asked

Hai, that idiot was way too drunk, I don’t want him to vomit all over me in the middle of the night” she responded “besides, I’m still chilling with you guys

A few moments later I could hear from the heavy breathing that both of them had fallen asleep

I changed the channel to something more my speed: Roast Comedy

I must’ve started laughing a bit loud because Venessa started stirring

You and this cruel humor,” she said half-asleep “I’m going to bed, keep it down so you don’t wake her

She got up and went to the bedroom

I checked how much time was left on the episode “37 mins”

Alright fuck it, let me finish this episode and go get some pussy to celebrate a successful evening of self-control and discipline,” I thought to myself with the smuggest smile I’ve ever owned

About 15 minutes later she started pushing her ass towards me and moaning in her sleep

With ample space, I gently moved to give her space to stretch out

As I moved she began stretching out into a more comfortable position

Then she turned and her foot fell on my lap, I looked at her face to make sure she was really asleep and not up to her games again

With drool sliding down the corner of her mouth, I was convinced that she was still asleep

Then I could smell the scent of a wet pussy in the air

I looked at her again, with deep focus this time to fully make sure she was sleeping

She turned and laid down with her belly, her left foot rotated into my crotch and I felt my dick begin to harden

Fuck! No!” my mind screamed as I could feel the entire night’s pent up sexual frustration build-up for one final pound

Her toes curls and my dick pulsed

I felt this swelling up sensation below my belly button and knew my will was beginning to slip

Her toes curled again, slower this time, and my head fell back as I started feeling my heartbeat at the tip of my dick

Her toes began curling up and stretching out

Curling… stretching

Cuuuurrling…. Then Stretching

Each time slower, fuller, rubbing my dick in all the right ways

I pulled my head forward to look at her and she met my gaze with her body still turned down but her face turning to look at me

My eyes half-closed in a daze

This time she knew she had me

My hand rubbed on her calf and as she curled her toes my hand squeezed her calf

She began maneuvering her right foot over the elastic band on my shorts and pulling them down to free my now throbbing hardon

I looked at her, breathing slightly heavier than normal and utterly frozen, completely helpless against her touch

She turned around and sat up, not breaking her eye contact, then slowly slid her nail tips over the skin on my inner thighs

My head fell back again as I groaned, trying to not make a noise

I felt them slide up the shaft to towards the head and precum began sliding down

She moved her head down and licked the base of my now radiating dick lick the precum towards the tip lick a melting ice-cream cone

At this point, I knew my will now long left and was not going to make a late arrival to save me from the juicy accident

The scent from her cunt invaded my nostrils, seizing what remained of my ability to think

My hand reached up towards her ass, sliding her dress up to reveal those firm B-cups that kept harassed my daydreams

I squeezed the nipple gently and she sighed such as sweet moan that I uncontrollably thrust my dick into her throat

She grabbed the shaft and began deep-throating me

I groaned a little louder and reached my hand over her ass to slide my fingers into her now dripping cunt

She squealed the began sucking, rubbing, and licking that I squeezed my eyes so tightly that a tear slipped out

She was sucking my soul out of my body

I saw stars, flowing watercolors for what felt like a lifetime

Then I opened my eyes and saw Venessa…

To Be Continued…

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Naughty Niece (Part 2)

Venessa grabbed my hand, walking both of us to the couches

Two drinks led to four, which led to many

Things I knew we were dancing music glaring on the speaks and us dancing like it was the final year of high school

I honestly don’t remember having this much fun ever in my life

I’m equally shocked that the boyfriend didn’t wake up because of the music, but then he didn’t even wake up when I carried him to the guest room so I guess his blackout was no joke

After dancing, sweating, and exhausting ourselves beyond our age, we laid on the couch laughing, panting, and talking about how much fun this is

When Nompi quickly got up, went to her purse, and came back with a joint

Venessa started grinning and laughing like she was thirteen

We quickly sparked up and started smoking, Venessa took a push then brought her lips to me to blow the smoke into my mouth

After a deep inhale, I turned around and blew rings

The girls laughed

I’ve always wondered how many times a puff of weed can be passed from one person to another before there’s no smoke left,” Nompi said

Aaaaaand why haven’t you done it to find it out?” Venessa asked

Nompi shrugged with an almost embarrassed look on her face as Venessa took another puff

Then she came to my lips again to blow the smoke into my mouth, after she exhaled, I blew it back into her mouth, with Nompi moving closer with an uncontrollably aroused look on her face

Venessa coughed laughing, “Nompi… you okay?

Yeah yeah, sorry, just got poor eyesight so I needed a closer look,” she said

Of course” Venessa grinned responding sarcastically

Venessa took a deep puff this time, almost on command, I moved my lips closer to her so she could blow into my mouth but this time she locked lips with me, slowly kissing without leaving space between our lips as she exhaled the smoke into my lungs

I inhaled with an accidental moan then she brought her fingers to the edges of my mouth to signal to me that I should close my mouth soon as our lips part

Without question, I followed suit

Then she grabbed Nompi’s hand and pulled her towards me

Without a word, Nompi moved her lips towards me laid her lips on me

Like a high-pressure hydraulic valve, smoke started escaping every hole in our faces

Catching myself “Shit!” I exclaimed, pulling my head back

I’m sorry” Nompi responded, then quickly looked at Venessa who had an almost empathetic smile on her face

Relax, it was just a kiss

Fuck!” the words escaped my mouth as I looked down, “I need to have a smoke

I said as I got up without looking up to either one of them

I felt a hand, slowly running from my back right around to my crotch, lightly squeezing a whisper in my ear, “how long will you resist me?

I clenched my fists, closed my eyes tightly

Nompi stop, you’re gonna fuck up my relationship, and I’m your uncle, this is not right,” I said without turning to look at her, slightly fearing that my lust would betray me

And what if she was okay with it? It was her hand that led me to your lips and her permission that allowed me to come to check on you?

I didn’t respond, she turned around and went back into the house

I popped another cigarette calming down from this tornado of a night

I could hear the girls laughing inside the house, and my mind replaying her words on a loudspeaker

I went back inside and found them watching some girlie shit on tv under a blanket, I went around to Venessa’s side and she moved aside to put me in between them, under one blanket

My heart started thumping again

Vee nuzzled in my arm as they kept giggling and commenting on what was going on on tv, I felt a hand brushing my inner thigh

It was so light that I couldn’t tell which side it was coming from, so I dared not flinch in case…

To Be Continued…

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Who Are You?

Detachment is Not that You Own Nothing, Detachment is that Nothing Owns You

The Bagavaghita

Are you familiar with the thought experiment The Ship Of Theseus in the field of Identity Metaphysics?

Well the theory goes that the ship used to travel around the world by Theseus is in a museum, as time passes the wood begins to rots

As each piece rots, it gets replaced with new wood

After some time, all the wood that made the original ship has been replaced with new wood

Now the question is after all the wood that made the original ship has been replaced, is the resulting ship still the ship of Theseus or is it a different ship?

Here’s the second scenario:

The wood rots, but this time it gets taken out, the rot is removed and the same wood is placed back into the ship

Is it still the ship of Theseus this time?

Was your answer no in the first scenario and yes in the second scenario?!

Now let’s place this in the context of you, physically speaking, on average every 7 years every cell in your body has died and been replaced by a new cell

Meaning, every physical part of you is completely replaced every 7 years or so

Now if that is a fact, every 7 years

Would you still say you are the same person you were 7 years ago or are you a different person, are you someone else, physically speaking

The second scenario is if for the past 7 years we removed:

  • Shitty days
  • Bad breakups
  • Fights
  • Mistakes
  • Heartbreaks
  • Betrayals
  • Missed opportunities
  • Lies
  • Deaths

The list goes on, now if we removed all of those things in your past and left only the good things

Are you still the same person?!


Your identity is tied to your stuff, achievements, and social connections

When was the last time you felt like you no longer knew who you were?

A tumultuous situation suddenly occurred; new job, cheating spouse, office politics, family matters, career choices, social pressure, and suddenly you found yourself in a strange string of decisions and actions that make you question who you thought you were?

In a moment of weakness, you betrayed a friend’s trust, said hurtful things to a partner

Emotions lead to thoughts

Thoughts lead to actions

Actions lead to habits

Habits lead to beliefs

Beliefs lead to personalities

Personalities lead to identities

Identities Trigger Emotions

Many of us reading this have never lived through a war, civil or otherwise, wherein a matter of moments you lost your home, your friends, your parents, your possessions, your achievements, everything that played a huge role in who you felt you were

Many of us have never gone bankrupt, or constantly had to move and create a new life every couple of months/years

But if it were all taken away tomorrow, who would you be? If tomorrow everyone you knew and respected started telling you that you’re a selfish, heartless, evil person and you deserve to die, would you still see yourself the same?

It is said that the two most powerful words in the English language are also the shortest

“I… Am…”

When it is all said and done

Who… Are… You?

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Naughty Niece (Part 1)

So yesterday my niece (black, slim, 29) came to visit me and my girlfriend with her boyfriend. We have hung around each other before, with and without our partners – always cozy, open, flirty – but last night was different.

They arrived after 9pm from a party from the other side of town, JHB North wasn’t cold but breezy enough to get nipples hard. She wore a sundress with a silhouette that wrapped seductively around her shoulders.

I must confess that she has those eyes that are simply impossible to not look at, perky little tits that seem upright at all times, and a walk that demands you look and stare.

I do my level best not to stare, get caught, or even glimpse at her as I am her Uncle Sbu, nearly twice her age, and can’t be caught being the creepy uncle

So I always maintain the appropriate social distance and proper etiquette when she’s around

And she, being in her 20’s likes being extra bubbly, free with a little clothing as she can, especially when it’s just her and I

And every now and then, I’d be accidentally staring and she’d catch me and without saying a word, she would simply smile!!!

When they walked in, you could tell her partner was drunk, tired & exhausted from drinking that afternoon. He threw himself on the couch and started to nod off, my girl and she were chatting away, catching up as ladies do – with little screams, hugs, and little whispers

But on this particular day, she kept glancing at me!!!

Like never before, she sat right across from me, with every hug she gave my girl – she would glance at me, with a different kind of smirk on her face – eyes slightly squinted, corner of the eye type of look.

As I stared at her, in those little stolen moments – she had her legs spread wide!


All I saw was a freshly shaved love land, with a glittering shine to it.

She kept screaming and hugging my girl again and again, the more I stared, the longer the hugs lasted – I quickly realized that the shine I saw was sweet nectar from an aroused pussy hadn’t gotten the attention it gets after partying, drinking, dancing and getting aroused from a night out.

I could smell it in the air – that familiar scent – from when my partner is aroused!

I squeezed my eyes shut and shook my head to regain composure and stop my yearning from leading my mind in that direction to those thoughts to that urge

I opened my eyes, glanced up to see her looking at me dead in my eyes *I was caught this time* – no smile this time, but a look so inviting that I had to excuse myself to go and have a smoke outside!!!

In no time, with a seductive voice – I heard behind me “Ah Malome (Uncle), your wondering eyes will get you into trouble

So dumbfounded I dared not to turn around – I was fully erect, hard as Grade 12 Math


Sis Vee?” She responded to my girlfriend’s call

Come help me pick out a bottle, and don’t you dare tell me you’ve drunk too much to join me

She sighed and turned around to head to the kitchen

I sighed so hard it felt like a truck had just been taken off my chest that was too close for comfort

I finished my cigarette with my head flooding with thoughts of what just happened, why it happened, what it meant, what I must do, what I should do, what happens if I do

I turned around and went back into the house, my eyes scanning for hot zones I should avoid as to avoid my night blowing up and my girlfriend killing my ass for getting inappropriate with my cousin

Here’s your scotch on the rocks love,” my girlfriend said as she placed the drink on the counter

I walked to get it, Nompi crossed past with me, grazing my dick with her fingers so lightly that my breathing started getting labored

What’s wrong?” Venessa asked with a concerned look on her face

Nothing just had a little heartburn”, I rushed over to the counter to avoid her seeing my budging pants

maybe we should skip the scotch tonight?” she said reaching over to take the glass away

Like I’d let you ladies drink by yourselves” I retorted, quickly snatching my anxiety juice and downing it in one gulp

Okay MacGyver, Okay, slow down,” she said with a concerned yet intrigued grin pouring me a refill

I felt my nerves calm down a bit and the urge to run out the door subside a bit

I sat at the counter and turned to look at Nompi who had this satisfied/intrigued look on her face

Fuck this little ass bitch, she ain’t gone come into my house and make me cower in a corner, This My House” my inner voice began protesting

I looked at her with such an intense look on my face that a part of me worried if Venessa would notice

Nompi looked back with a look that said “challenge accepted


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Consequences of Being Honest

So my girlfriend and I have a very open and very honest relationship, it’s actually quite scary how brutally and nakedly honest we can be with each other

This primarily because we both have not only been in manipulative and deceptive relationships but we’ve also seen what lies can do to people’s relationships so we decided to be very honest with each other

Especially when the truth might hurt or alter how the other person may see us

So before telling you the following story I must tell you how we got here

The day my girlfriend and I decided to be honest with each other I jokingly told her that I thought her sister was hot as fuck

Surprisingly she said “I know, you’re always stealing looks when you think I’m not looking”

I remember my heart starting to thump in my chest, thinking I was about to get dumbed

But she continued “fuck, I think she’s hot too, I’d do her if she wasn’t my sister, so we’re both in the same boat, we both don’t get to fuck her, agreed?”

Lol I remember having this shocked look on my face not understanding what just happened

I held my breath for the next few weeks waiting for her to bring it up in a fight but it never happened, then one day

While we were in the car having a quickie in the car just outside her gate before she went inside

With my throbbing dick in her mouth (generously moist) while slowly rubbing my shaft up and down, goes and sticks a finger in my ass!!!

I was seated in the backseat of her car, outside her parents’ house. We had just had our weekly date night and she wanted me to drop her off at her parents’ house (as she had some errands to run with her folks the next day).

As she gently stuck her finger into my virgin ass, I was perplexed – as it felt strange, weird, exciting, and good at the same time. I have always said to her that I wanted to try anal sex, but never in my wildest dreams meant that I would be on the receiving end of it.

She gently thrust my virgin anus, with her small petite middle finger – going deeper and deeper with every thrust. As I gasped and looked down, we locked eyes – with her mouth buried balls deep on my throbbing cock – I felt her smile as she milked me with the skill and talent of an experienced dominant mistress.

I was in total shock as to how good it felt, how gently she was and how much I wanted her to keep going. After a few minutes of her deep throating me, milking me, and generously fingering me, she abruptly STOPPED!!!

Without a word, she got out of the car, grabbed my hand, and made her way to the house – with a hard-on, pants around my ankles -I followed her trying hard as fuck to not trip and fall on my hardon or be seen by people passing by

As she opened the door (me scared for dear life as to what kind of shit was I walking into – we walked into the house, her sister was sitting on the couch, legs spread and up to her face, fingering her beautifully shaved holes with a small, pink, rabbit vibrator – with another hand buried deep in her ass.

She never opened her eyes to look at who was walking into the house – she just kept grinding and moaning on the couch. Was planned all along, or was I about to get my dick cut off?!

I so both terrified shitless and so horny that I could feel precum dripping down my dick

Her sister had been single for a while (having bad luck with finding a guy, so maybe this was sister helping each other out?!) Me, a shocked look on my face – hard cock dripping precum – I was assured to sit next to her.

Without any hesitation, my girlfriend kneeled between my legs, buried her face on my crotch – started to vigorously suck my pulsing dick, with one hand in her pants – the other was deep in her sister’s pussy.

All it could hear was both of them moaning in sync – I was in total disbelief of what was happening.

Her sister without batting an eyelid jumped up and straddled me, shoving my dick deep into her pussy – my girlfriend was now fingering both our anuses – in total rhythm to her sister riding my dick, deeper and harder with every stride.

They both took turns sucking, rimming, fingering ‘til we all nutted and passed out on the couch in the early hours of the morning!!!

Afterward, she held my hand, kissed me on the lips, and said “that’s for being honest with me, your desires are my desires, just never lie to me or fuck her without my permission

Like a stooge I shook my head, I think I fell in love all over again at that very moment

We all cleaned up, put on some music, started drinking and talking like old high school friends like nothing had happened

Well, I guess that’s my life